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What place on or around the mountain is important to you? Do you have a site, a building, a trail, a gathering place that holds meaning for you or just grounds you?

Join the over 500 people who have shared their place with the Places Project and help us map the mountain as it really is.

Here’s how to share your story:

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Here are some stories of places we’ve collected so far:

“Tarlton Valley is important to me because I live there obviously. But, not only that, the valley is rich in history and there are so many beautiful sights down here. Tarlton Valley is my home now and I love it.” H, Tarlton Valley

“In my great grandparents front yard is this giant hackberry tree. Everybody in the summer would just gather at my great grandparents house my great grandparents would keep my mom my cousins and brother a lot because my grandparents aunts and uncles worked during the summer especially everyone would just gather in pop and grandmothers front yard. My great grandma would measure it every year in July with her own sort of hand-span she wouldn’t use a conventional measuring tool I’m assuming she kept some sort of a record. My uncle has since bought the property, he renovated the house its much bigger much more modern looking but the tree is still there and I actually threw my mom a 50th birthday party there. Its a very important place for me and my family, I remember as a child sitting under that tree and just sort of looking up into the branches and leaves seeing the sunlight through them and just remembering this moment of total peace, I always wanted to climb that tree but my parents never let me. It always struck me as this mystical place yet totally familiar, finding the magical and sacred in the ordinary. That’s my place the hackberry, its still there its still growing. No one measures it with their armspan anymore.”  W, Estill Springs

“My place would probably be the Cross. I grew up playing there when I was in preschool, going there during elementary school and in high school just to go sit and hang out and I even do that now. I had to go to a volleyball camp one summer and it was out of town and it was…. I don’t really know how to say this but it was a Jesus Camp…. The fact that I used to play there and its for veterans of war and what this camp did was make it a place of putting your sins in a coffin and I wasn’t very happy about it, that’s what they made it. So we were out there for an hour and people were crying and throwing up confessing their sins so this place would actually be the first place I really had to think about what I thought about Christianity and religion and that was very intense.  For a while I wouldn’t go back because of that, but I’ve been going back since about my junior/senior year of high school and I would go there to actually think about what I do believe in and now i’ve been going there to look at the stars and talk about serious things. But its weird to me to be a local and watch people come in just to drive by. I saw one girl park and just look outside from her car and I wanted her to just get out of her car and experience it. But its always been my point of place to go back to and I’ve had a lot of different experiences there so its now kind of this place where its like I am me.” T, Sewanee

“I was born and raised in Greentown, and basically my whole family lives there. I grew up out there playing in the woods and having lots of fun with my cousins. We would go hunting and fishing and horse back riding. Greentown is special to me because there is no place that makes me feel at home like Greentown.” Anonymous…